About PAUA

The Philippine Association on Underwater Activities (PAUA) covers varied and different underwater pursuits that are relevant not only recreational activities, but also on scientific, technical and competitive sports.
Sports activities such as Finswimming, Underwater Hockey, Underwater Photography / Videography and Aquathlon to name a few.


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The Technical group of PAUA is focused on SCUBA Diving Certifications in all levels of diving and other branches of the said activity. We also give out scholarships in SCUBA Diving education to deserving individuals who possesses the passion, interest and dedication in protecting and overlooking the welfare of our marine ecosystem and to promote safety in Diving.
The Scientific activities of PAUA is geared towards environmental respects such as coral transplantation, educating fisher folks and local government units about coastal resource management and conducting seminars on how to protect, conserve our environment and other related activities that will benefit our marine ecology.
Beyond forging connections, these activities instigate appreciation in the beauty and rawness of marine life and show a different side of life that is stirring on all sides.


PAUA is also very much concerned on safety in scuba diving thus enforcing strict quality and standards on Scuba diving education, following the standards of Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (CMAS) or The World Underwater Federation in which PAUA is a member.


PAUA Coral Transplantation Training_croppedhas both vision and mission to Discover, Educate and Protect our Marine Resources.

Discover – our rich marine resources that only few is aware of.
Educate – the public on the responsible management of our resources. Educating people on the causes, effects, and proposed solutions concerning marine life preservation.
Protect – the environment that we live in, to make it sustainable for the future generation. The restoration of marine life and on working on climate justice.


PAUA is also very much concerned on safety in SCUBA Diving thus enforcing strict quality and standards on SCUBA Diving education, following the standards of CMAS in which PAUA is a member.
If all of us will be able to Discover, Educate and Protect, people will develop a deeper appreciation of marine life and also improve their way of life and livelihood.


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