CMAS Secretary General in town to check international meet preparations

CEBU, Philippines, stars on the international stage once more next year. But this time, it’s not boxing that the Queen City of the South is going to showcase. Instead, it would be an event geared towards hosting a competition soon that is so unique because it will be held underwater—literally.

If there are sports events on land and air, there are also competitions underwater. Lots.

Alessandro Zerbi the Secretary-General of the Confédération Mondiale Des Activités Subaquatiques (CMAS) is now in Cebu to check on the preparations of the historic event accompanied by Benedict Reyes, The Philippine Association on Underwater Activities (PAUA) President.

In his arrival statement on Oct. 4, Zerbi cited “the many beautiful places” in Cebu and “the professionalism of Filipinos, especially the women.”
Said Reyes: “We consider it a great opportunity to showcase what we’ve got in the Philippines. We have rich and vast marine resources and a tropical climate. We believe it’s the reason we won the bid.”
Reyes’s PAUA is one of 130 federation-members of the CMAS, which also conducts technical and scientific research development worldwide.
Last year, PAUA staged the first Asian underwater photography in Cebu.